Why do we snore

Did you know that snoring is hereditary? 70% of people snore for this reason, and it should be noted that many do not do it every day?

“I do not snore,” “my husband does not let me sleep with his snoring,” “I have to wake my partner to stop snoring.” Surely you have heard, read or even said some of these phrases, have not you? … These sounds that we produce when sleeping are quite strange and worth knowing a little better. Therefore, we invite you to know several interesting and interesting facts about snoring.

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Characteristics of the snoring that will catch your attention

You probably know that people who usually sleep on their backs are more likely to snore That those who sleep on their backs or face down. However, there are other interesting features that are worth knowing about these annoying night noises.

Researchers indicate that there are three main factors for a person to snore. They can develop from one, two or three together. Those who snore when sleeping is – usually – because:

  • They are overweight.
  • Smoking.
  • Drink alcohol.

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Men snore more than women

It is often thought that men snore more than women this is 100% real! However, the difference is not as abysmal as we think. 40% of men snore and 30% of women also. So, it is no longer worth throwing at the husband or boyfriend in front of family or friends who are making those annoying noises at night, because you can respond that you do too.

Following the percentages, 45% of adults snore at least once a week and 25% do it two to three times a week. Another curious fact is that a lot of people do not “agree” to snoring. How could they realize it while they sleep, right? (Or perhaps they snore so loudly that they wake up themselves).

Children and snores

If you have small children and you notice that one of them snores much at night, consult with the doctor. You may be demonstrating that you are suffering from hyperactivity or attention disorders. And if it is an isolated case, it may be a nasal congestion, or you are exhausted from the activities you do daily. There are people who snore since they are babies, but the noise is almost imperceptible in the first months of life. Although, then it is increasing.

Although there is no relationship between the source or country of residence and snoring, it has been confirmed that the Italians are the Europeans who snore the most. If you are traveling to this beautiful country, it may be a good idea to pack a pair of earplugs. Or make sure the walls in your room are thick.

An accidental discovery showed that singing decreases snoring when sleeping. The merit is taken by a British choir director, who suffered for many years the unbearable sounds of her husband.

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